planned HVAC maintenance in Studio City, CA

Planned HVAC Maintenance Visits Help Improve Performance

April 14, 2018

Equipment manufacturers, government agencies, and local heating and cooling experts are always touting the benefits of planned HVAC maintenance. At Airflow and EJ Service Air Conditioning & Heating, our Studio City AC contractors thought it was time to share a few facts to back up all of the hype.

Can HVAC Maintenance Save You Money?

Estimating the lifetime savings of preventive HVAC maintenance is a complex task due to the endless variables, but hard numbers are available. Without maintenance, air conditioners and heat pumps lose 5% of their baseline efficiency every year, and energy losses as high as 40% were reported in some cases. On the other hand, homeowners who invest in professional tune-ups can decrease their energy use by 8%. When you combine preventive maintenance with duct sealing, you could save as much as 25% on heating and cooling.

How HVAC Maintenance Benefits You

Mechanical breakdowns are typically caused by cascading issues that grow over time. For example, low-voltage conditions can reduce the system’s cooling power by inhibiting the thermal expansion valve, which can have a big impact on your comfort and your energy bills. According to government research, these are some of the most beneficial maintenance tasks.

  • Lubrication reduces friction, which leads to increased wear and tear and higher operating costs.
  • Adjusting the refrigerant charge can increase the system’s performance by 5 to 40%.
  • Replacing the return filters and balancing the airflow can reduce related energy costs by 5 to 15%.
  • Fixing electrical issues prevents a variety of downstream problems that can shorten the system’s lifespan or cause sudden equipment damage.

The Valley’s Heating and Cooling Experts

Routine maintenance helps your HVAC equipment run better, and it reduces the likelihood of unnecessary repairs that lead to larger long-term expenses. If you want to help your HVAC system recover from a performance slump, get in touch with our heating and cooling experts. You can also learn more about our maintenance plans and qualifications online.

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