AC repairs in Van Nuys, CA

Common Mechanical Problems that Require AC Repairs

June 29, 2020

Long, warm summers in Van Nuys, CA, take a toll on your air conditioning system. Each electrical and mechanical part of your air conditioner must be fully functional in order for the system to effectively cool your home. Our air conditioning professionals often discover these common mechanical problems that require prompt AC repairs.

Faulty Motor

Air conditioning systems have two fans. The indoor fan blows cool air over the evaporator coils and into your home’s air ducts. The outdoor unit’s fan cools the condenser coil to keep it from overheating. A faulty motor in either of those fans needs an AC repair. According to the Department of Energy, rapid cycling and an oversized air conditioner are common causes of fan motor problems.

Worn Belts or Bearings

A belt connects the air conditioner’s compressor to the motor. Over time, belts may crack, become loose or get contaminated with oil, dust or water. You’ll hear a squealing sound during each cooling cycle. Loss of lubrication in the motor bearings causes a grinding sound, and it can lead to overheating of the motor. Worn belts and bearings need an AC repair before they cause additional damage.

Dirty Air Filter or Coils

A dirty air filter or coil is a mechanical problem that’s easy to prevent. Dirt or dust buildup in the air filter impedes airflow, and your cooling system will work harder trying to cool the indoor air. Check the filter monthly and replace it every two to three months. Our air conditioning professionals do this during tune-ups and can show you how. Dirty evaporator coils reduce the air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat from your home. Dirty condenser coils hinder the system’s ability to release the heat. Regular AC maintenance keeps the coils clean and could prevent emergency AC repairs.

To learn more about common mechanical problems that need professional AC repairs, check out Airflow and EJ Service Air Conditioning & Heating’s AC repair services, or call us today for additional info.

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