Ductless AC in Encino, CA

Ductless AC Can Help You Avoid Costly Renovations

April 25, 2018

Ductless AC systems are ideal for existing homes, additions, and comfort-challenged seasonal spaces. In Encino, CA, approximately three out of four homes have central HVAC ducts. Even if you have access to this everyday luxury, the system may not be large enough or efficient enough to meet your needs. If that’s the case in your home, ductless technology can fill the gap.

Ductless AC Installation Options

Thanks to their adaptable design, ductless HVAC systems can be installed anywhere in your home without the need for major renovations or structural changes. They’re ideal for all types of properties, and they can solve several problems at once. Here are a few examples of their versatility.

  • Inadequate Comfort: If parts of your home suffer from hot and cold spots that aren’t related to leaky ducts or airflow imbalances, a ductless air conditioner or heat pump can supplement your central HVAC system.
  • New Additions: Remodeling is an excellent way to upgrade your home, but it presents several challenges. In addition to installing new ducts, you may have to replace your central HVAC system, which isn’t practical unless the system is nearing the end of its life.
  • Seasonal Spaces: Ductless air conditioners are ideal for rooms that don’t have central HVAC ducts. Thanks to their scalable design, ductless AC systems can heat and cool a single room or an entire home. They’re also suitable for pool cabanas, sunrooms, and seasonal living areas.

Benefits of Ductless AC

Ease of installation is an appealing benefit of ductless air conditioning, especially in existing homes. At Airflow and EJ Service Air Conditioning & Heating, we complete most HVAC installations in a single day and the only structural change that you’ll notice is a small, secure wall opening to accommodate the electrical wires and refrigerant lines. Ductless air conditioners are also exceptionally efficient, and they don’t suffer from duct-related energy losses or air quality problems.

To learn more or to request a free quote for an HVAC installation, give us a call. You can also view our equipment catalog online.

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